"The difference between a product and a brand is that a brand has a story to tell."  - Peter Stocker/Story

Blair Stocker - President/CFO

Blair is an apparel industry veteran with international design experience at brands Marithé & François Girbaud, Nautica Jeans and Burlington Industries and product development for Ping, Lands End and Carter's. Most recently Blair has adopted a 2nd career as the social media author of the blog, Wise Craft. With an average of 50,000-70,000 page views per month, Wise Craft has been the launching pad for Blair's textile-based projects for magazine's such as Ladies Home Journal, Parents and Stitch among others. Her experience cultivating and navigating social medias and mechanics benefits our clients directly in their efforts to reach and have a conversation with their consumers. She is also the glue that keeps Story in working and running smoothly.
Wise Craft = blairpeter.typepad.com